I Need Signatures to Run for the Presidency of the United States

I am seeking enough signatures to run for the Presidency of the United States and I am posting this in my blog for the world to see.

I am the Internet Equality Candidate! I’m Transgender and Lesbian AND I want to be on the 2016 Presidential Ballot!

My agenda is simple:
1) LGBTQ Equal Rights across the board– anyone who violates any policy regarding Marriage Equality, Employment Anti-Harassment / Discrimination Policies, or are turned away for seeking proper medical care will be strictly dealt with including fines and/or possible imprisonment.

2) Gun Control? NO! Criminal Control! This is only common sense… Limiting the guns these mentally infirm people can purchase and own, by having an IQ and a psychological battery performed per new gun owner, to help weed out the mentally-unstable among us who could potentially be a threat. No more are we going to ban guns, just ban the potential threats from having and owning guns. This just makes sense.

3) Bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US! There are people willing to work these jobs who have little to no experience, and are willing to be responsible to help keep American products flowing into the marketplace. Training allowances for the unskilled employees and their employers. I would even make concessions for an up to 5% Federally-funded 401k package!

4) Tax breaks for Low Income and Poverty-Stricken families who work!

5) Elimination of Obamacare! — this just needs to be wiped off the books, reclaiming those funds and placing them where they were removed, and reordering the new taxes to be rescinded.

6) Reinstatement of the United States Military — self-explanatory

7) Reinstatement of the US Space Program (a.k.a. NASA) — self-explanatory

8) Minimum Standards in Education with Federal Placement Exams (FPE). Students that cannot pass the requirements of the FPE will remain in the grade until she can pass to graduate into the next grade. We have too many students who cannot read past the 6th Grade Level in the US, and are passed through because of incompetent teachers or lack of responsible parents who cannot pass these same tests. Other countries have this type of system and they’re WAY ahead of us in every aspect of education.

9) Immigration Reform. Far too often we hear “amnesty” from those politicians in power. “Amnesty for Illegals” is the wrong thing to do. I will demand that these people either become US Citizens or go back to their homeland. Sorry, no more Free Lunches!

10) “We are not the World’s Police.” JFK told us this oh so long ago and every president since must have missed that telecast! I’m sorry, I believe we need to be able to protect ourselves from whatever the world may throw at us. I’m not saying that we’re never going to assist anyone anywhere, but that we will be picking out battles more cautiously and go to bat with allies and not go it alone. This Syria business is unpopular with millions of Americans and Obama believes in helping the rebels… I don’t believe in funding terrorists on their own soil, to have it come back to haunt us later!

11) Religious equality for Places of Worship. Muslims, Christians, Judaism and other religions have the right to purchase and build Places of Worship, yet Wiccans and other Pagan religions, which are valid here in the US under the “Freedom of Religion” bits of the Constitution, cannot purchase property for the building of a Place of Worship. Wiccans (and Pagan Religions) are NOT “Devil Worshipers” like many non-Wiccan/Pagans believe. Other religions can build Temples, Mosques, Churches or Shrines, but not for Houses of Worship or Schools of Teaching. As with any Church (for lack of a better catch all term), there is learning and indoctrination going on with that particular religion, and there’s no call for not allowing the Wiccan religion to be able to do more, since it is a recognized religion by our Federal government.

I am looking for more items to add to this list, as it is not yet complete. I am also running as part of the Truth Brigade! No politician has ever been truthful about their past or about what they’re doing as Our President. Hidden and Mysterious Agendas abound and we’re the ones who get caught up in the crossfire! Political Action groups (PACs) are wiggling their ways into the pockets of politicians and earmarking monies that should be used to offset our massive deficit, repay and lower out debt ceiling, and to give back to the American Populace, while that same money lines the pockets of career politicians so the voices they are supposed to represent are never heard.

The career politicians are part of the problem and not a part of the solution. Term limits will be imposed on the House of Representatives and the Senate. A maximum of two terms, then a hiatus of at least one term before they can run again. This will ensure more and fresh representatives and Senators in these law-making houses. Fresh ideas and fresh faces for our Government!

There’s so much to do, so much to say. I am trans and lesbian. I am the right candidate for the job! My agenda is an agenda set in truth. We need to be able to instill confidence in Our Nation! We need to be able to have an economic stability in Our Nation, to instill international confidence in our products and our financial system! We need to be independent of outsiders loaning us money to jack up the debt ceiling. I will start offering up the salaries of the Senators and Representatives as repayment toward the National Debt! Product endorsements will be used to offset other debt that Our Nation is accruing! Should I go golfing, for example, I pay out of my own pocket and wear certain sponsored attire; those sponsorships’ monies will be funneled into Government Programs and Responsible Charities to help the homeless, the needy and destitute, poverty-stricken, low-income, medically-needy and the elderly! I’m sorry, but this is the New Agenda!

All I ask is just a little assistance. I am needing signatures for the petition to include my name on the 2016 Voters’ Ballot and the costs of filing my petition. Anyone willing to assist me in this– a signature and/or financial assistance for the filing feels– just comment below and let me know. You can also e-mail me to let me know.

Thank you! The Internet Equality Candidate. I am Robynn P. Mussell, Independent. Thank you for your time and patience.

Whom to Vote For…

This is one of the biggest challenges facing us today is whom to vote for.  I’d rather not vote for someone who’s going to tax everyone making less than $1,000,000 a year and the elderly and wipe out college grants.  I’d rather not vote for someone who claims we need to ride it out and stay the course.  We’re in a faltering economy, barely above water, and still both candidates are poking fun at each other, debating over double talk and rhetoric, and still not making any sense…  Whom should we vote for?

I think the safest person to vote for is yourself.  You know your strengths and weaknesses.  You know what needs to be accomplished to bring the US back to its former glory and reinvigorate the economy.  You feel that there’s more to it all than just living from paycheck to paycheck, existing from week to week, and taking on a whole huge commute from home to work and back…  It’s all about knowing how you feel about the situations you’re in and finally doing something about it.

I’m voting for myself:  Robynn Penelope!  I’m voting for equality across ALL genders and perceived genders, those of us who have the compassion to love unconditionally, be who you are and not what society wants you to be, and to live life to its fullest!  Everyone is equal.  Rich and poor.  Straight and gay and trans.  Everyone wants equality no matter who you are and where you live.  I believe in equal rights for everyone.  Not just a select few or the socially elite.  That just makes more problems and causes revolutions to break out:  dictators in power and their people struggling against their yoke of oppression.  Like the adage says:  “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”!  Unity, mutual respect and love go a long way to fixing the ills of our great nation!

Let’s all agree to disagree.  We all have our own opinions, our own minds.  Not voting is a vote for ignorance!  An uninformed vote makes the wrong choices for our children, their children and their children.  We’re in debt for at least a generation, we’re struggling to make our next mortgage payments and barely making enough to keep the kids in public school!  What’s next!?

Look, this is just an editorial and not really much of anything else.  I want people to realize their votes are their to give.  Holding your votes back is also not any good.  You need to be informed to make that decision and then cast your vote for whomever is the lesser of the evils.  Problem is:  you can never really tell who that is and what his/her message truly is until s/he get into office and s/he shows his/her true colors!  If you decide to vote for me, then that’s all on you (and me).  I will do what I can to reduce the debt, try to not raise taxes much, and to rebuild our military and space programs, pumping up our educational systems to meet nationwide standards (not statewide standards)!

I’ll do my very best as president, but please understand that your votes mean the world to me.  No matter who you are and where you’re going, I’ll treat every vote are a message.  That message is “change”, “equality” and “less debt”!  I can accomplish this as long as you believe in me!  We can do this together!

Let’s do this!  Please vote for me (or for yourself!).  It’s all relevant in this day and age!  Let’s do this!

Hugs and Kisses,
~Robynn Penelope