What I Propose to Do

I am in talks with various online distributors of my e-books to see if they have in fact transferred any sales information to BookTango. s BookTango claims I have made no sales and they are not paying me.

I am also looking to use this money to move to California, but without it I can’t move.  Hell of a Catch 22 I’m in, huh?

This morning I left Scribd.com an e-mail that stated I had talked to someone on their site back in August about how their site shows Views and such, and was informed that those views were sales and that there should be a report soon, once they get a few more facts from BookTango.  This was in August, and there’s nothing listed in my reports on BookTango for anything.

I know I’ve sold some e-books.  Amazon thinks I’m some kind of crackpot and refuses to acknowledge me regarding the discounted prices for my e-books, as well as letting me see the sales figures for them…  What the hell?!

Seems nothing I do is good enough for anyone.  NOTHING!  I am so sick and tired of people holding my money, refusing to let me have what’s rightfully earned, and claiming I have nothing.  This is bullshit if the purest sense!

I want to be happy.  I want to be able to take care of myself with what I do, but with this kind of BS and them tying my hands, I can’t make or do whatever I need to to further my transition, get where I am needed and help those whom I love.  Most of my family had abandoned me or slandered me to Mississippi state officials over some shlock and circumstance, simply because I was an easy target.  Now these same family members want my money– sadly there’s no money to get– and I’m stuck in Mississippi where my health is failing and my sanity!  No one in Mississippi wants to help me get right with the world, on the right track and frame of mind, and no one wants to be able to help me pay for doctors’ visits when I’m unemployed and can’t claim unemployment.  What gives?!

My food stamps were cut last month by about $12.  I’m looking at getting them either cut or eliminated by January because of some crap that the government has already implemented to drop our poor families further and further out of the reach of the American Dream.  Here’s the link to the article:  http://news.yahoo.com/stick-poor-congressional-strategy-080500785.html

This has me pissed off moreso than my lack of money!  If BookTango is screwing with all of their client’s monies, then we all need to tell them off, file a lawsuit and get our money!