Whence Gays Can Marry, The Apocalypse Cometh

I have a pretty active Facebook page, full of various likes, friends and a few games that I play to pass my time, but clicking on a link that George Takei had posted threw me for a loop, but once I realized it was just a comedic bit, it helped to soften the blow that I thought was going to be more Gay Bashing and Homosexual Hatred.  I was surprised.  Here’s the link so you too can watch:  The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad.

I know I’m not here to tell people off, but this is what many so-called Christians think is going to happen…  The heavens are going to rain down fire and brimstone and destroy civilization as we know it.  It not going to happen.  Gay marriage is legal in Britain.  Gay marriage is legal in Sweden.  Gay marriage is legal in much of the United States…  Has there been an apocalypse?  Are we doomed in the eyes of the Lord?

Personally, I think not.  No one has the right to force his or her beliefs upon another person.  No one has the right to enact laws to force people to believe in an idea that is morally obtuse or socially irresponsible.  The refusal of Civil Unions or Gay Marriage is one of those ideas that help us stand for what is truly an equal footing.  There are homosexuals in the military who fight for the freedoms straight people have, but when it comes to those of us who love our life-partners and want to spend the rest of our lives with her, then we can’t!  This is the exact point I’m trying to make:  LezBeProud Episode 1.

I am Transgender!  I am Female!  Because I am this way, I am scrutinized in society for being different.  I may look and act different than someone who is not me, doing the same things I do:  drive the car, shop for clothes and groceries, walk to the mailbox.  We do the same things.  We make difficult decisions and casual choices everyday, just like everyone else!  If I am cut, do I not bleed?  If I am hurt, do I not feel pain?

Why do all of these people, who claim to be devout Christians (of whatever Christian sect), want to force their beliefs and their convictions upon the rest of us?  It’s far too easy to blame others for their religious persecution, because they believe it to be God’s Calling, or their religious right– turning the masses of heathens into Christians– and opening up space in Heaven for them to call Home.  I was Christian before I was Transgender!  I know about all of these things, but the Holy Scriptures have helped me to understand specific concepts that are very out-of-date.  The Holy Bible seems more a book of Moral-Based Stories around the lives of those Jesus and the Lord had devoutly touched.  “Take the good path.”  “Do unto others …”  “Listen and take the advice of your elders.”  “Don’t judge lest ye be judged.”  “Love thy neighbor.”  Where did the devout Christians go wrong?

Mass media and spin-off religious sects tend to pull the focus away from Love and Kindness to Blasphemy and Hatred.  It really makes me angry to see a religious jihad against anything LGBT.  Yes, I did say “religious jihad”.  That’s what it seems to be, more and more in the media, in the laws those Christians vote into power, forcing us who are allied and friends of our LGBT family to vote against such hatred.

We fight your wars.
We live with you in the cities, towns and farms.
We deliver your packages and mail.
We are helpful to you at Walmart and Sears and JCP and Kohl’s.
We wash your cars and clothes.
We care for your children.
We teach your children in schools.
We drive the streets as you do.
We eat at the same restaurants.
We dance and have fun at the same clubs.
We exercise and work out, just like you do.
We haven’t invaded, we were here all along!
It’s just now that you’re starting to see us for the first time!

Why is it that you’re afraid of us?  We’re not going to impose the same restrictions that you’ve unthinkingly imposed upon us.  That’s not the right thing to do.  Being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans (transsexual, transgender) does not rub off or is ever contagious; it is the state of our being that gives us the right to oppose the Social Normalcy of Male and Female gender roles.  We are not a religious sect or fad.  We have our Atheists and Christians.  We have Buddhists and Hare Krishnas.  We have other religions as well, but we don’t persecute someone for being weird:  we embrace their compassion for being unique, individual!  It is our lot in life to accept the uniqueness and individuality that everyone possesses, not just those of the LGBT community!

To us:  Everyone is Equal.  That’s the way God intended!  That’s what the Constitution of the United States intended!  As members of One World Society, we are ALL equal.  All of us!

A Little Craziness (with a Side of Weird)

I was thinking about The Simpsons, and that episode where Homer gets his hair back.  He’s more vibrant and different…

It struck me as odd that The Simpsons don’t have a collectible card game (CCG) or trading card game (TCG).  I could see Mr. Burns trying to attack someone:  “I activate this … Paper Cup! … Urm! Ungh! … Smithers!”  Priceless!

I guess you could say that I’m just an odd sort and that it kind of struck me while watching YuGoOh Zexal today.  Not really sure what to do, but I needed to mentally relax for a while…  I guess we all need to.

I just received a comment from Justine-Paula and knew she has had issues with her former employer.  She says so in her blog!  http://justines2010blog.wordpress.com/

I just hope we can learn from her trials and tribulations that we’re all struggling, some more than others, to find/keep employment, a residence from a finicky landlord, or to make sure we pass well enough (or just enough) to feel we’re making headway.  We all need something to fall back on, and that’s the LBGT Community at large.  Contact lawyers/barristers (whichever is the case) and see if there’s any laws on the books to assist you through the discrimination that many employers toss out, blatantly or otherwise, and get the ball rolling.  Discrimination isdiscrimination, no matter the form it takes.

(In the US, there are special groups of lawyers and law practices that deal with these kinds of issues and they’re really good.  What’s that one in California?  They’ve got a website.  It’s a big, rather famous practice… It’s name, it escapes me. >_<)

I think we should all ask ourselves why employers think we are less than human.  Less than citizens in the Nation we live in!  Why are we treated like dogs, or worse, even my the media and news outlets!  This “Binary Gender-centric” rubric society uses to label us as “mentally inefficient” or “mentally unstable” should be used to label the bigots, the uninformed and the ignorant!  Hate begets hate!  Understanding, understanding.  Love, love!

Where do we go from here?  Wherever life takes us!  Quash the discrimination and hate!  We will persevere!  We will get the recognition we deserve!  It just takes time and an advocacy of like-minded people to turn the tide against us!

Viva la revolution!