Deleting Posts on Facebook and Telling off “Special People”

I’m fed up after getting attacked and told off that “I brought this on [my]self.” I am so distraught over all of this craziness that I’m posting this here instead of getting things set akimbo. (The post will be deleted by the time I publish this blog entry…)

I went to the ER to have them look at my throat. I was attacked and hit once, in the throat and I let loose with a barrage of hits. Once “he” was down, I stopped. I went to the car and called the police. I told my side of things, “he” told his. No charges were pressed though I am considering restraining order against him.

This is so messed up!

I’m looking forward to my role and my work within KWTG QCA (Know Where To Go in the Quad Cities). This is something that is driving me ever forward. My passion is to make this happen! We are struggling less and less over the course of bringing this together. Nothing irks me more than having a conflict of interest even before this thing comes together… At least it’s taken care of before we start!

I want to get some things dealt with and some things will come as we progress. I can’t wait for that to come. I can’t wait!

Anyway, this is my tirade and I’m sticking to it! LOL ^_^