To Hell in a Ham Sandwich (and Other Fine Cold Cuts)

As I said before, the kid gloves come off and the names are no longer being hidden…

Just angry that my sister likes to control the things she knows I need to control. I am working to push forward through the muck and the mire and the fens deep in my mind, fighting for that which I desire and need. I lvoe her, but Bobbi can be so maddening!

My niece, Taylor, knows more about me and cares more about my well-being than my sisters. They think that I wanted and needed to “use” them for whatever “strange purposes” their minds can dream up… It really sucks. Understand, Cindy and Tina are not as bad as Bobbi can be, but it’s all going to change.

I am working through a bunch of stuff right now including my next installment of the Vampire Grimoire tales, but it all weighs hevily on taking care of a few loose ends. I’m not promising any violence or action against anyone, I’d never do that. What I am promising is that once my physical location has been changed, and that I am able to hit the internet again after my scenery change, I am planning on celebrating three things:
<1> Gay Pride 2013, Savannah, GA;
<2> Taylor’s Birthday Pool Party Bash (my niece);
<3> Getting all of my stuff in order for the stay.

It’s only natural that I quickly adapt to the situation and deal with my social life, karaoke and making friends. I can’t wait for that time to come. Where I am, there is nothing for me: I am depressed almost beyond hope most of the time, my anger is getting the better of me but I do still have issues with my anxiety bouts, and the issues of that really have been giving me really huge problems: my niece-in-law. She’s got three personalities that I’ve seen as of late and it’s really starting to weigh heavily on my nephew and their two kids.

Number One is a sadistic and hurtful wench. She cuts to soothe her imagined pain and depression. She lies about how she’s killed people, shot herself and is so dark and melancholy, she acts so disconnected.

Number Two seems to be a kind-hearted loving person, someone who loves watching anime, carrying on with her kids and loves her husband.

Number Three is someone who would rather ignore either everyone or certain people and stick her nose in Guitar Hero and/or a book and tune everything out. Tuning it all out to the point of not recognizing anyone around them, sometimes even further when she’s cooking or doing something alone, and then snaps and yells when her concentration gets broken or claims others have “this problem” or “that problem” and makes it a point to tell them that it is a “problem”.  She even yells in a provoking manner at the kids, and the kids are so scared of her.

She wants me out of HER house. My nephew has already told her that this is ultimately HIS house and he makes the final decisions. He does work and pays the bills, but with his managers’ lack of scheduling, it’s not his fault for that. He does get his hours eventually, but it can take a couple of weeks or pay periods until he does and his bills get a bit behind. It sucks. I fear for his home life and the safety of the kids when I’m away. That’s just how it is…

It sucks.  All the time…

Onto other things…  And more about getting some things I need finished and taking those steps to do so.

Where’s that Ham Sandwich?…

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