My Sister: The Family Assassin

I had been refraining from telling my readers about the real names of my family members for fear of them trying to out me or for other evil purposes. For all intents and purposes, this ends today! My sister Bobbi, whom I love and respect, decided without my permission, to borrow something that I borrowed to her, borrowed to her daughter, my niece. I tried to tell her that, after the fact, that she should have asked my permission. She refused stating that she was in her rights to do as she pleased.

I tried to reason with her and she refused, then started to yell and scream at me first. She wanted to keep the item for another month so she and her friend Marvin can reap the rewards of my benefit. I told her that was not acceptable. She then proceeded to tell me that my nephew was not supposed to tell me at all about her intentions. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back… (Pun intended– it is Hump Day, after all! LOL)

I was in the process of posting some new photos of me on Facebook, where we’re listed together as family. She sees my posts. She comments “Robert Mussell”… I kindly respond back that she has no right to try to out me like this. She then responds with a few other tidbits of verbal clash, and finally “unfriends” me from her Facebook. What am I to do?

It is a Federal offense that she has this item, with my name upon it, for which she’s just doling out to whomever she deems worthy of my benefit. I won’t go into specifics, but I use it on a monthly basis to take care of my needs.

I am in the process of taking steps and actions to get this problem legally fixed and dealt with. Suffice it to say, “ye who sews, so ye shall reap!”

Here’s the note I was going to post to her Facebook messages, of which I am now blocked too. I place it here, in it’s entirety because someone needs to know that I am angry but not vindictive.

–message starts–
I really appreciate the simple little fact that you’ve decided to kick me out of your life because I disagree with your actions. I think I have an opportunity to make something of myself now that I’m more comfortable in my own skin; but I guess that’s just something that you’ll never comprehend.

I dislike the fact you blocked me from Facebook. I dislike the little fact that I borrowed something of vital importance to me, and you’ve decided to borrow it to someone else, without my permission, and then, after the fact, tell me what you did. Asking permission would have been peachy, but apparently it never occurred to you to do so. Upon that fact, I learned afterward, almost two weeks later, that you’re going to use that for another month and demanding I remove the rest of my belongings from your house is totally beyond comprehension and reprehensible! You know full well where I live and with whom I live; where am I to store those things?

I honestly thought you were my sister, my own flesh and blood, and not subject to fits of unmitigated rage and unnecessary emotional outbursts; I guess I was wrong. I guess you never really cared for me, my realization of who I truly am, and the love I shared with you. I hope you are truly happy with your decisions.
You owe me one huge apology for trying to out me on Facebook. You need to stop being selfish and start looking out for someone other than Numero Uno, because you are a wonderful caring person, when you’re not under your own yoke of oppression and being paranoid of whom you let into your little world. You invited me in with open arms. Now, you’ve decided, that all I’m worth is $200 and a nice swift kick in the pants.

No matter what happens, I love you. I will always love you. Turning your back on me, during a time of anger and resentment, will always end regretfully and harsh, hurting those whom you love, and those around you who trust you and love you; it does not matter if it’s me or someone else you ‘thought’ you cared about, it regretfully ends.

I am a very understanding and thoughtful person, even under the worst of times, thinking of others and trying to help. I had been trying to come up with a way to thank you for helping me when I received my money, but I guess you’d rather kick me out of your life than trying to work this out.

I also read what you wrote to Anthony. I was not in the living room when he was ‘talking’ to you. I was in the kitchen making a late breakfast. I would not stoop to that kind of level, for any reason. I guess I truly know who you are.

Thank you for never trusting me, never caring about me, and using our family connection to get whatever you wanted out of me because you though I “owed it to you!” You need to stop.
–message ends–

I feel a whole slew of emotions right now. Anger. Loathe. Regret. Heartache. There’s lots more, but it’s all relative right now… >_<

My emotional state is a mass of nerves, depression that my own sister (my own family) would rather use me than love me, and take from me that which I am entitled to for my well-being. Money was never on the agenda, but it seems that this is all she's after me for– no matter how she gets it.

Yes, I do owe others money and they will be paid back, but they are on my time and list. Not any time sooner than I can. I am diabetic and forcing my nephew and his family to foot my bill for two months is unacceptable! One month is tolerable. (I also suffer from severe depression and migraines, but that's for another time… lol)

I have every recourse to report her actions and deal with the consequences. I am not the kind of person to just roll over and take it, especially when I've been taken advantage of. I don't believe in blackmail or taking advantage of a situation. I just never realized she would be this vindictive or heartless.

I guess I've learned my lesson and will refuse to help her at this point.

(Your comments are welcome…)

Two Sides of the Same Coin

If there’s something that most people believe in, in this day and age, is God. But why are there so many different ways to believe? I believe what The Bible’s scriptures advise me. Nowhere in The Bible does it say that we, as a community, are to be feared, loathed and hated with such fierceness, that it makes me want to stop being a Christian! My version of choice: the King James Version (KJV).

We are all God’s Children! Created equally. Breathed life into equally. Given intelligence, imagination and insight equally! So where do you so-called “Good Christians” get off telling the world “God hates Gays!”?

I believe that if more Bible-thumpers and Anti-Gay Christians would actually read the KJV of the Bible and comprehend those scriptures, they would not be bashing us with they’re hateful rhetoric. And why is it always GAY and not LESBIAN?

I found a video, posted to my Facebook wall, that is very poignant. Here’s the link. “The Truth about Homosexuality”

I am a transgender MtF and have been hiding as a man for many many years. I am also Lesbian. I know this to be true. I am one of many who struggle with my existence everyday, as I cannot find work locally. I don’t really know who

As human beings, upon Planet Earth, we are all a part of a Global Community. These rights should be *granted* to all of mankind, including all women everywhere, to allow free expression, the allowance for marriage, and to be treated as equals no matter where we go.

I do not condone this kind of behavior when I go to church. I don’t feel comfortable when people look upon me with judgement and disgust when I dress appropriately for me, and attend church when I go. For me, this is unacceptable and unhealthy, to be judged without my saying a word, but only by how I dress.

We are at the crossroads of equality, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was when he had spoken his “I have a Dream” speech. We are truly being persecuted for who we are and what we believe in. Why can we not have equal rights? Why are we looked upon with disgust, disdain and hatred?

There is no Homosexuality Bug! We are not stricken with Cooties! HIV and AIDS are in the world, but not because of Homosexuals, but because of animals and scientists. It has come to us through the mishandling of bodily fluids from infected animals, and not through gay sex. Laws and policies were instituted to help protect people from mishandling bodily fluids, and those are still in effect, moreso now then ever.

The idea is that we’re all good people, Christian or not. Two sides of the same coin; heads and tails. There should be tolerance and acceptance of our differences, not fear- and hate-mongering. This kind of behavior should be stopped. It’s a form of bullying, and bullying, in all of it’s forms, must be stopped. We live in, what I call, Special Times! By believing in what we believe, and knowing what we know, we should all come to the conclusion that we are all a part of something wonderful.

Fear is what these people are trying to pander with their propaganda. Stand up against it. Become and ally to someone you know who is different, regardless of illness, religion or sexual preference/identity, and help her to achieve all she can be!

The question that sticks with me, even now: “Can’t we all just get along?”