Inappropriate Pictures on Facebook

One of my Facebook friends, who is an adult porn star overseas, shared a photo from one of her Facebook friends.  It shows a man snogging one woman’s voluptuous breast while the other is pointing right at the camera, unclothed.  There’s nothing covering her nipple and areola.

I am sorry but I had to report this picture and the person who posted it to one of his albums.  I went through the proper Facebook channels and left the basic reply about it:  “Hey [Facebook guy], there’s something about this photo that bothers me.  Would you please take it down?  Thanks.”  The woman just seemed nonplussed by the whole thing and allowed the picture to be taken– that’s another reason for the Facebook report.

I got this response:  “It’s ok baby”!  WTF?!  I don’t know this guy!  I wouldn’t be able to tell him from any other pre-teen juvenile pervert (should he be one).  I responded as follows…

Please, don’t call me baby. I don’t know you and that’s just being rude. I would rather not see this kind of thing on Facebook. There’s enough of that that I see behind closed doors and in the private moments with my GF, so I do not care to see such pictures. I reported you to Facebook to have it removed, and should you not comply, Facebook reserves the right to ban and/or delete your account. Your friend [name removed to protect her identity] ‘shared’ that one photo. It is quite distasteful and, regardless of the look on the woman’s face, inappropriate.

I hope you would consider the outcome of children seeing a photo like this ‘accidentally’ shared to them, through someone their parents know and have ‘friended’ through them. It is people like you who seem to just be irresponsible about their actions, and posting and sharing stuff on Facebook, and through proxy, the internet, that none of this stuff ever can be deleted or properly removed because it’s archived somewhere… Please be responsible for your actions. Think before you post.

I am tired of witnessing the criminal idiots and the stupidity of so-called intelligent people.  You may have a PhD in whatever Astrophysics or Rocket Science, ad nauseam, and still, to the dismay of your colleagues sexting or posting inappropriate photos of your body parts, to those same colleagues, family friends, or in the worst case, to the children of those colleagues and/or family friends.  You are one sick person.

I cannot stand idly by and witness another person, probably using Mom and/or Dad’s credit cards, to purchase time at the millions of pornographic websites, to get their jollies off and wipe up with a few Kleenex-brand facial tissues!  Then Mom figures it’s dad who is doing these things, all the while Little O’Boyo (or L’il O’Lassy) laughs it off in secrecy in his (her) bedroom doing it all over and over again!  More often, it’s the young boy who’s personal experimentation is brought into question as are his motives for doing it.

Mom finds her little boy’s magazine stash cleaning up his room (that he should be doing on his own) and throws them away after perusing their contents.  She thinks nothing of it until she gets a call from school where he exposed himself before a group of girls in the girl’s lav or he forced himself on one of his female classmates…

This is just a worst case scenario.  When I was in school, I found out what it was to ‘pleasure’ myself.  No one called me a pervert or worse…  No one really knew.  Once I started hanging out with certain people that I considered ‘cool’, I got up the nerve to have relations with my male friends and friendships with my female friends…  I realized then that I was different…

I don’t want anyone to think I don’t know what I’m talking about.  In this day and age of internet awareness, even an IM somewhere (Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype to name a few) can be stored for future recall and used in a court of law to prosecute these people.

Needless to say, he responded to my little warning with “Motherf***”.  I replied in kind:  “Where do you get off calling me that?  I don’t know you.  I’m just trying to figure you out and where you’re intelligence has gone.”  Have we, as a global community, fallen so short of morals that we will call our elders these kinds of names?

He replied “Sorry.”  I responded:  “What were you thinking posting a picture like that?  That no one would see it…  Just a few friends?  Remember, if you post something and share it with friends (even a picture like that), it can be shared to others who may not share your view of it– I like the female form, in all of it’s nude glory, as an ‘art piece’– but that picture was not artful in any way, IMHO.”

I’m not trying to be a bitch here.  I’m trying to help him see that we’re all human and that not everyone will view ‘his take on art’ as ‘an honest view of art’ but as porn.  If she had covered her other breast up with her free hand, then I could classify it as a little more art and less porn, but that’s not what the picture showed…  If that was this guy in the picture, it could have been his ‘first time’ and this was the aftermath… LOL  I don’t know.  I wasn’t there.  I didn’t take the picture.  The woman could have been a family friend of his, a prostitute; anyone.  Again, I don’t know.

I think he’s talking to our mutual adult movie star friend, telling her about my ‘tirade’, or worst case, copy/pasting it to her to read.  If that’s the case, she may have the same view I have– inappropriate– and she’s apologizing to him for sharing it on her timeline.  If she does not and has posted stuff on my wall/timeline, then I may just remover her from my friends list.  It all really depends on what she’s thinking…

Knowing that there’s always a conversation somewhere and that there’s many different sides to an arguement can lead to different views and assertions.  I hope I have gotten through to him tonight and that he is a little more aware to whom he sends porn-related pictures to in the future– not on Facebook anymore– and does it through e-mail or Skype… LOL

Hugs and Kisses,


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