I Found My Brother!

I posted this on my Deviant Art page and wanted to share it with you…

It’s Been SO Long…

I just tossed out an e-mail to a friend I met oh so long ago.
He responded in kind and asked me a few things,
So I replied and here we are…
Talking and reminiscing of the times we shared,
Just friends and talking about art,
Drawing and coloring and technique…
We worked together but apart for a local retail chain,
But I knew he would be the right one to call upon
When the time came;
And he was absolutely right!
Nothing could have prepared me for our connection!
He was always there,
Even though I never really knew;
There he was,
Just an e-mail away!

I am oh so happy and loving every minute of this connection.
Across time and space,
We connect like electrons in a live wire,
A completed circuit,
And I feel so alive to have connected with him!
Nothing prepared me for this kind of delight,
This kind of happiness,
But I know we will be true
And keep this friendship connected for as long as we can!

To you, my friend,
I hope we can carry on,
Remain friends
And be the best of what we can be!

Thank you,
For being there
When I never figured
You’d be there
And for allowing me
Back into your life!

I love you like you were
The brother I never had
And the friend I always,
Knew would be there!

I couldn’t help sharing this with the world.  My brother, Toren, enjoyed it, too!  Talking to him and learning about his differences really helped me to understand how we truly became siblings!  I love talking with him; he makes me feel so free and alive!  I’m am so very happy we are together again!

I love you, my brother Toren!  We will always be family!


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