A Sight for My Eyes

I awake to see the sun bathe the planet below with a loving happy glow.
I sit and watch as the day passes into night,
The little flickering lights remind me of stars in the inky black sky.
As the moon rears its sphere of influence across the planet’s atmosphere,
I see dancing stars on the oceans’ surface,
Like pirouetting dancers in an opera,
Happy, swirling, elegant.
The room I am in is very stark,
Barely lit by tiny blue beams,
All I have is my bed and my viewport
With which to see the world below.
I reach out to touch the planet
And I am greeted by the window’s surface.
Flat, smooth, transparent.
This room seems to be my prison,
A barely empty room
With a modicum of amenities.
(Some of which I cannot operate truth be told.)
I want so bad to be there,
On that lovely beautiful planet,
But I cannot get there…
Not yet.
I want to breathe in the fresh air
Not the stale air the filtering systems scrub.
I want to touch the trees,
The flowers and the sands.
I want to bathe in the oceans’ cobalt waters;
Bask in the warming loving sun!
I yearn for the touch of clothing,
That which can make me warm;
That which can keep me.
I need to feel the loving touch of another,
Whom makes me feel alive,
As I gaze out the viewport of my endurium-clad cell,
I cannot help but wonder if the people on that planet
Are truly happy in their lives;
Free of the oppressive tyranny and anarchy that I feel,
Every time I wake up from my sleep.
I hear a noise near the door…
I get up
Silently creep toward the door,
Listening to every sound,
As soon as the door opens,
I spring into action.
I knock the man down,
Who is wearing a strange helmeted suit,
And stare evilly into the faceplace.
All I see is my reflection back.
The lights come on with a blinding flash.
I screech as I am blinded but roll my eyes to see.
The downed man is wearing an orange spacesuit,
Like the ones I wore when on my ship,
And I recognize an insignia:
That was the Y3M Mining Consortium patch my suit had.
(I knew it was my suit by the scar on the patch; had a fight and that’s where I needed to seal it!)
Wrenching the latches on the helmet of my suit,
The man was screaming not to and flailing to stop me,
I kneed him and he stopped with a yelp,
As I removed the helmet.
It was Commander Jeffers!
I knew I’d be saved!
“Commander,” he let out in a squeal, “glad to see you’re alive!”
He groaned and began to spit up blood.
I never knew he was injured!
I pulled him out of the suit,
Examined him and tore my bed linens into strips
And began bandaging him up.
Without Jeffers,
We’d never get off this station!
Once he had been patched up,
He spoke, “Commander, how did you get here?”
It was between heavy breaths.
I told him of the entire encounter.
He couldn’t believe I survived.
I couldn’t either.
424 days in this room,
This cell,
And a rescuer to boot!
I think today’s going to be a Good Day!
I got into my suit and put on the helmet.
I grabbed Jeffers under the arm and hoisted him up,
Taking care not to jostle him too much…
Those ribs were NOT going to just
Miraculously heal themselves!
Nearly dragging Jeffers,
We found our way out,
Back the way he had come.
A guard troop was marching in our direction,
Jeffers began to bleed around the back and shoulder
Where I was carrying him.
I smeared that ichor along with him when I had to move him.
I never knew, until now, that he had been bleeding this whole time…
I grabbed a piece of cloth from Jeffers pocket,
Ripping it soundly,
And proceeded to wipe up the last 20 or so feet,
While I sat Jeffers down out of the way.
I walked back to Jeffers and the troop didn’t notice us.
The commandant turned to look,
Took a big sniff,
And walked on,
Making a face that reminded me
Of when we all played poker,
And broke wind.
It was a face I made a few times…
We waited until they rounded a corner
And I proceeded to fix his bandages.
I couldn’t do much,
They were already wet and caking with ichor.
I prayed we’d make it to the Egress Tubes.
Another few hundred feet and another turn.
Another and another.
We found a detour to the Hangar Bay!
We just needed to be undetected when we went from
Corridor to bay,
Then bay to ship!
Setting Jeffers on the right side of the door,
And kneeling on the left,
I grabbed my garotte out of my leg pocket.
I also grabbed some gauze from another.
I knew we were going to need a distraction!
Taking the garotte and the gauze,
I tied the gauze to the garotte and
Proceeded to carry Jeffers on my back.
Legs, torso and arms were tied to me
And I slapped a hidden activator in my suit!
I felt the adrenalin coursing through my veins.
I told Jeffers to hang on and I went in,
Ready to kick ass and take names!
I was already out of ink!
A few cargo handlers tried to stop me as I walked in;
They needed to manage eating from the other side of their heads.
Another few, and another managerial system.
A pair of guards.
Disarming them, they ran.
On stun, I sprayed them with their own weapons.
Those goons, out cold.
Got to Jeffers’ ship and hit the contact switch.
We were bathed in blue light,
Then teleported into the infirmary.
Jeffers was extracted from my suit as I disrobed.
Still nude, I reached for a medirobe.
I kissed Jeffers’ forehead and told him:
“Get well. We’re going planetside! I’ve got some R&R to catch up on!”
Out in the corridor, I slumped over;
My adrenalin rush was gone…
I dropped to my knees, then slid onto my backside.
I leaned over, landed onto the floor with a rather sickening thud,
And proceeded to sleep where I lay!
I never knew we left the station,
But I knew we were going to the planet!
I just knew!


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